Hey ! We are a young game studio passionnate and evolving. We deeply believe at Inkikaky studio that gamification and gaming is a part of the future. We dedicate ourselves to this future by giving the best of ourselves into ou work.

Our values

The video game sector is filled with uncertainties and risk. We ear centered around 3 cores values : always follow our inspiration, have a  strong team and persevere whatever happens.

What do we do ?

Wedesign and develop games in diverse platforms : Android games, web browser games, chatbot games. We deliver products such as child learning application, quizz games, personality chatbot game, chatbot game.

"The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have." V.L

WHat are the kakiS doing ?

Game Interfaces design 50%
Game Scenario 30%
Game Research 25%
Game UX design 20%

Connect with our KAKI team

Chris tian KAKI


Digital Design
Web Design 80%
Publishing & Design 90%
« Lead our team of designers with a mastery of professionalism acquired over many years of experience while staying at the page of the latest web design technologies »

Tactic KAKI

Mobile SUPER SAyan

Digital Design
Full Stack 95%
Backend / Mobile 75%
« With several development projects of applications and video games to his credit, he masters all the latest programming languages to meet the expectations of customers and offer new features »


Community SuperHERo

Digital Design
Community Management 80%
Communication 95%
« The manager of the company that leads and participates in the missions, the planning, the management and the coordination of the financial and accounting tasks of the structure. She contributes to the development of brand awareness on the social media. »

Sata kaki


Digital Design
Java Development 75%
Computer-assisted advertising 85%
« Its mission is the design of a web interface and plays a key role in the design and for the realization of web design it takes into account the constraints of the internet support in terms of usability, accessibility and ergonomics. His mission is to value the opportunity for the company. »
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